Corda Network trust root Document history

Trust Root Generation

The generation of the long-lived trust root for Corda Network required a level of ceremony, witnessing and memorialisation that was met through a highly-scripted and secure event held at the R3 offices at 2 London Wall, London, UK on Friday 14th September 2018. The ceremony required extensive preparation, advice and guidance from both KPMG in 2017 and Schellman in 2018, and included 7 independent witnesses from global banks and R3’s partner program. The total expenditure was more than one year of effort, and significant financial cost, in order to deliver long-term trust.

The full script for the event and other supporting artifacts are found via the links and attachments below.

The root key material generated is held in offline secure locations, and the subordinate key material held on production HSMs.

Certificate Policy

Current version is v1.0.

Certification Practice Statement

Current version is v1.0.


The certificate bundle (in JKS format) is the most likely to be used. The remaining details and formats are included for reference and to harmonise with other Certificate Authorities.

Name Public Key Subject Key Identifier Valid Until Links
Corda Network Root Certificate ECC-256, SHA-256 44:30:BE:62:A8:95:4B:13:03:5A:D3:C4:63:45:6E:9C:F1:1C:E4:65 Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem, crl)
Corda Network Authority CNA1 ECC-256, SHA-256 A9:85:9F:69:4A:BF:06:00:3F:92:39:8B:D6:91:E4:AA:D0:02:ED:F5 Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA2  ECC-256, SHA-256 DC:22:4B:27:06:12:C1:23:E1:34:B1:64:22:95:17:09:22:E4:B9:A4 Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA3 ECC-256, SHA-256 EB:3F:58:3C:DA:0A:40:6F:F8:6E:49:9A:22:3F:8C:19:D5:8F:A0:88 Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA4 ECC-256, SHA-256 78:1D:2D:23:54:A5:8E:7A:B5:ED:A1:FE:08:D0:8B:4E:F0:D6:8B:CE Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA5  ECC-256, SHA-256 7E:B3:9D:A4:D9:ED:F4:B4:86:06:79:6B:FE:F8:2A:7B:9C:C9:0E:97 Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA6  ECC-256, SHA-256 2A:F4:08:90:73:CB:4F:14:B2:93:7A:CB:93:5A:6F:91:45:45:27:EB Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA7 ECC-256, SHA-256 82:40:F4:0E:A3:84:24:5C:70:23:40:2F:EE:26:32:6D:AA:0E:C4:BE Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)
Corda Network Authority CNA8 ECC-256, SHA-256 41:67:90:E4:B2:EA:D8:E9:B5:39:51:91:31:8C:D5:3C:C9:67:A0:3B Jan 18, 2038 (der, pem)

Corda Network Certificate Profile

Certificate Profile is a component of the Certificate Policy for the Corda Network.

Corda Network Certificate Revocation Profile

Certificate Revocation Profile is a component of the Certificate Policy for the Corda Network.

Service Auditor’s summary letter

Letter from the service auditor, Schellman and Company, LLC. 

Ceremony script

The original version of the script is a blank copy of the script used during the day. The internal witnesses annotated script records witness signatures, timings and deviations from the script and other observations.

This is the Original Script.

This is the Internal Witnesses’ annotated script.

HSM initialisation script

The root and subordinate HSMs were initialized the night before the ceremony. The process was overseen and witnessed by the Ceremony Administrator. See the CA annotated HSM initialisation script.

Ceremony Video

Extensive video recordings were made of the ceremony. The originals are not uploaded here, due to a combination of size and format constraints. Versions rendered to a manageable size have been uploaded to YouTube. The links below will take you there.

The playlist for Camera 1 shows a view of the participants in the ceremony.

The playlist for Camera 2 shows a view of the entire room from behind the ceremony witness seating area.

The Cameras were set to record at 1080p, however the output does not appear to reflect this.  Each 20 minute segment is approximately 500MB.

Video Capture shows the output from the HSM administration machine that used by the Ceremony Administrator to interact with the HSMs during the ceremony. These appear to occupy approximately 724 MB per hour of recorded video at 720p.

HSM management computer screen log

The output from the HSM management machine was captured using the ‘script’ utility. There are two copies of the log file:

See the original log complete with control characters. There is a SHA fingerprint available for for this file (e66a4c79e2ba4a9a12ee7ea7d28af14d1842d6f18ce203da445b194ce80df097). A processed version of the log is available (which does not have a fingerprint available, but which is easier to read, as it does not have embedded control characters).

HSM Logs

Logs from HSMs and SHA256 fingerprints for the same, calculated on the HMS management computer at the time they were exported.

Root HSM (HSM1)

HSM Log SHA 256


Subordinate HSM (HSM2)

HSM Log SHA 256


HSM management machine ISO image

The ISO image for HSM management machine is downloadable from cloud storage, due to the size of files. The ISO is at tcn-rkg-2018-09-13-09.iso and the corresponding checksum is at SHA checksum.